Commercial Use Questions

Can I add a Thread Mama® Seamless Pattern as a background to a page on my website?

Absolutely, please do!  

If I use one of the Thread Mama® Seamless Patterns for my personal website or commercial website project, do I need to credit it?

Yes. Please credit using a comment in your HTML or CSS code. CSS Example:
/* Background pattern from */

Can I use Thread Mama® Digital Artwork in commercial projects?

You may not share, resell or distribute any digital files from You can use digital artwork as an element of your designs. Please credit somewhere in the project. While you are free to use these patterns for personal and commercial projects, Thread Mama LLC retains the rights to the artwork. You may not claim digital artwork as your own.

If I make a new pattern based on a Thread Mama® Seamless Pattern, can I publish it as my own?

Please credit for any patterns you create which are based on our designs.

Can I use Thread Mama® Seamless Patterns for my personal print projects?

Yes! Please do. Also, I always appreciate people tagging me so I share all the wonderful creativity!

Are Thread Mama® Seamless Patterns available as .eps, pdf, or ai. files?

No. All digital artwork is only offered in .jpg format.

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