Downloading Artwork from Patreon

If you are a member, first off, THANK YOU!!!

I wanted to quickly post a how-to for downloading artwork from Patreon.
Once you are logged in, you will notice a list of Posts that scroll much as a blog would. Something helpful is I have tagged all of my posts in categories such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

If you click on any of these categories it will filter all the artwork and make it easier to search through.

You also have the option to use the search function which is how I prefer to navigate to a specific artwork. You can simply type 'Ghost' or 'Santa' and it will filter the posts accordingly. It's very efficient and quick. Sometimes browsing through my website can be easier than Patreon. Just locate what you want to print on my website and then search for that title on Patreon.

Now, once you have found the artwork you wish to print do not right click and save or copy the artwork. It will be low quality and some older posts even have watermarks. Just beneath the title of the post, you will see red links. They usually end with .zip. Click on these to download all the file options and sizes to your computer. You can use a smartphone to accomplish this, but using a desktop is much easier.

The files will most likely download to your 'downloads' folder on your computer. If you cannot find it after it has completed downloading, try searching for the title of the file. Once you have located the file double click on it to 'unzip' the file and a folder will appear. Within the folder, you will find all the file versions. I always try my best to organize the files the best I can within the folder.

Each artwork is supplied in various sizes. Be sure to send your printer of choice the correct file for the size you are wanting to print. If you do this the prints will come out very clean. However, printing is a hit and miss operation. Sometimes I get bad prints from places that usually produce fantastic prints. If you receive a poor-quality print, be sure to check back with the printer and make them aware. They have always reprinted for me at no charge.

Seriously, thanks again for being a member. It has been such a rewarding experience working with everyone!


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