Using an iPhone to download and print artwork

We use our smartphones for all things in life. Here's a step-by-step process to find and print your artwork from your iPhone. 

Step 1: Locating the .zip File To locate the downloaded .zip file on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Open the "Files" app.

  1. Locate and tap the Files app on your iPhone. It's represented by a blue folder icon and is typically found on your home screen or within the Utilities folder.
2. Within the Files app, tap "Browse" at the bottom of the screen if you're not already in the Browse view.
Locate the zip file.
3. Under the Locations section, tap "On My iPhone" or "iCloud Drive," depending on where your downloads are typically saved.
4. Navigate to the folder where the downloaded .zip file is likely to be stored. This may include the "Downloads" folder or any other location you previously designated.

    Step 2: To extract the JPEG files from the .zip file:

    1. Tap the .zip file to open it within the Files app.
    2. Look for an option to extract or unzip the file. You may see an icon resembling a folder with an upward-pointing arrow. Tap this icon to extract the contents of the .zip file.
    3. The extracted JPEG files will either be placed in the same location as the .zip file or in a new folder if the .zip file contained multiple files.
    4. To confirm successful extraction, navigate back to the folder where the .zip file was located and check for the presence of the individual JPEG files.

    Step 3: Printing the JPEG Files:

    1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Look for the multicolored flower icon, which is typically found on your home screen.
    2. Tap on the "Albums" tab at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Locate the album that contains the extracted JPEG files. This album may be named after or the specific folder you extracted the files into.
    4. Tap on the album to open it and view the individual JPEG files.
    5. Select the JPEG file you wish to print by tapping on it.
    6. In the bottom-left corner, tap the share icon (a square with an upward-pointing arrow) to bring up the sharing options.
    7. Scroll through the sharing options and tap "Print."
    8. Configure the print settings, such as the printer, number of copies, and any other desired options.
    9. Tap "Print" to initiate the printing process.

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