How to Print a Custom Sized Repeating Pattern

I try to include standard sizes in my background patterns, but sometimes you may find yourself needing something custom. Below are the steps you can take to print one of my repeating patterns in any size using either Powerpoint (Windows) or Pages (Apple).

Using Powerpoint:

          1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC. Create a blank slide. Delete existing sample text, if any.

          2. Select the Design tab of the toolbar ribbon. 

            Select Slide Size near the far right end of the toolbar. Select Custom Slide Size and enter what size you need

          3. Click on the Design tab at the top, then click on Format Background on the top right.
          4. Select Picture or texture fill. Click on Insert to add the image that you want to tile. Make sure to check the box next to ‘Tile picture as texture.’You may need to adjust the scale X and Y, but make sure they are the same number. 
          5. Then click Apply to All. From here Print and make sure your printer is set to print at 100% and not 'fit to page' or any other type of auto-size feature.

Using Keynote:

    1. Launch Apple Pages. Create a new blank page.
    2. Select the Shape button on the top and then select the Square Shape.  
    3. While the square is selected, Click on the Arrange Tab on the top right, and then adjust to the size you need.
    4. Next click on the Style tab, and change Color Fill to Advanced Image Fill. 
    5. Choose the pattern you want to use and then click on the color wheel to the right. Within the popup enter 0% on opacity.
    6. Now just print and make sure your printer settings are at 100% and not "Fit to Page" or any other type of auto-sizing feature. 

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