Printables? All questions answered!

Hello friends! 

Let's talk about printables! The collection keeps growing every week and I want to make sure all your questions are answered. 

First off, what is a printable?

A printable is high-quality artwork you can print at most any size wherever you want and as many copies as you want! In my shop, I offer posters, pennants, tags, and other little decorative elements. 

How do I receive the printable?

Once you purchase the artwork you will instantly receive an email with a button to download the artwork. Simply click the button that says "Download Now" to begin.

download link 

Once the download is complete you will most likely find the file in your "Downloads" folder. It will have ".zip" at the end of it. Double click it to open the folder containing several different sizes and variations of the artwork you chose.  The files are Hi-Resolution 300 dpi, which means they will print with ultra clarity as long as you use the correct file for the size artwork you plan on printing. 

How do I print the artwork?

I have several ways I prefer to print my artwork, and the choice all depends on time and money.

"I need it now and I don't need it any larger than an 8x10." Canon Pixma All-In-One Print Scan Copy Inkjet Printer ...
If this is the case then I just use my home inkjet printer. I keep cardstock on hand and I try to watch the ink levels on my little printer. 

Make sure to pay attention to the scale your printer is printing the artwork. Most printers default to a "Fit to page" or "Scale to Fit" setting. This may produce prints that are larger or smaller than expected. Always check the print scale and adjust the scale as needed. 

"I need it today, but I can wait a couple of hours."

Most times this is the case for me. For this, I go to Walgreens (website). You can get them quickly and for a good price. The quality is usually pretty good. Just go to their website and click on "Same Day". Then look for the "Upload" button on the top left. Make sure you are sending the files to your local Walgreens and get an estimate on time and cost. If you do not have a Walgreens nearby, I am sure most hour photo print locations would be similar quality. (I am not affiliated with Walgreens... but that would be awesome if I was.) 

UPS Store
Local Shipping Store
For better quality than your home printer, your local shipping store is a great option! Most shipping stores offer a variety of paper options, including thick cardstock. In some cases like mine, I am capable of sending my files via email and pick up in a few hours after receiving notification they are complete. The colors are brighter and much richer than the slightly faded printing of a standard at-home printer.


"I want the very best quality and I am fine waiting for a week to get it."

 Every now and then if I want to display something very special I will go to MPIX. I have always been very impressed with not only the quality but the presentation of the prints I get from them. Most times the prints are shipped flat. The paper is thick and the color is perfect. On their site click on "Prints" then "Order Now". The site will walk you through the steps to upload your artwork. 

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