DIY Award Ribbon

DIY Award Ribbon

Get creative with these super sweet award ribbons! I've created these for our tablescape for fathers day and plan to move to my daughter's bedroom as wall decor after this celebration of dad! Some other ideas that these would be great for our birthday parties, baby showers (mom to be), wall decor, and any other celebration or award!  


  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard or heavy cardstock
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun / Glue sticks
  • Scissors

1. Cut your base to the desired size from your cardboard.  

2. Add a small dap of hot glue onto your round cardboard base.  Lay your ribbon in a horizontal direction placing it onto the glue dot with half hanging off the edge. 

3. Add your next small dab of hot glue on top of the ribbon to allow you to fold your ribbon over and hold.  Fold and press. 

4. Continue this last step working your way all around the base.  Once you come to the end fold or tuck, glue, and cut your ribbon.   (Because you are adding the glue directly to the ribbon and not cardboard you will need to occasionally fold back and add the glue to ensure your ribbon stays attached to the base itself.) 

5. For your next layer of ribbon, you will start with a fold and glue in the center. 

6. Twist your folds working their way around the center while gluing in place.  Once you've worked your ribbon all the way around cut your ribbon and glue in place. 

7. Cut your desired lengths in ribbon and glue to the backside to create the tails. 

8. Cut a circle from your felt and glue onto the backside to give it a more finished look.  You can add a loop of thread to the felt for hanging or a pin for attaching to a shirt. 

9. Add an embellishment to the center to complete!  You can use buttons, pom poms, toys, or fun pieces you may already have around the house like your craft supplies!


I hope this inspires you! Have fun!


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