Whip it! How to do a whipped backstitch.

Whipped Backstitch Example

Whipping is really something you can do to several stitches, but for this lesson we will use it on a backstitch. It gives the stitch a corkscrew effect that you can make loose with a different color thread or tighten it up with the same color thread to make a thicker line. You will want both a crewel and tapestry needle as the tapestry needle has no sharp tip to snag the first thread.

  1. First you need to do the entire line in a backstitch with a crewel
  2. Then switch to a tapestry needle and come up right under the last stitch
  3. Now come around and go under the backstitch without going through the fabric
  4. You're wrapping the new thread around the first stitch going from top to bottom around and around all the way back down the backstitch you first made

How to do a Whipped Backstitch

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