How to do a French Knot

French Knot Example

The french knot has been called difficult, however it does not need to be. It's a surface stitch that creates cute little clumps of thread. You can use it to add texture to your fills for a more interesting embroidery project. Let's give it a shot and you just might surprise yourself and impress others who see it as difficult. 

  1. First bring your thread up through the fabric
  2. Wrap the thread around the needle a couple times
  3. Now go back down almost exactly where you came up through the fabric
  4. Here's the trick - do not pull tight - just gently pull the thread through

How to stitch a French Knot

And there you have it. The French Knot. A wonderful little way to spice up the project you find yourself in front of today. Experiment with lines, or tight fills. Try different colors right next to each other. That's the fun in all of this. There are so many different ways to pull thread through fabric!

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