How to Couch a stitch.

Couching Example

You are going to love this one. It's almost like you're cheating it's so easy. You can accomplish just about anything with the couching technique. Need an outline? Couch it! Need a fill? Couch it! Need to draw? Write? Add texture?? ... yes. You can couch it. Tired of reading "couch" yet? Let's get started. First we'll just do a basic couch on a straight line.


  1. Bring your thread up through the fabric
  2. Pull it all the way down to your end point before you go back down
  3. Now come back up right next to your first line
  4. Go over the first thread and back down
  5. Move down a little ways and repeat.
  6. This is couching!

Couching Steps

Now, that is the most basic way to couch, but you can see how you could doodle the first thread around in any shape and just couch it to the fabric. Something else you could do is double up on the first thread to make it thicker. Or, maybe you have the two threads split to make a repeating diamond pattern. You could use yarn for your first thread then couch it down to get a real thick fluffy line. You could make the couching super tight without any space and completely hide the first thread.

This is the Swiss Army Knife of embroidery techniques. You are only limited by your imagination.

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